Reverend Elizabeth Brownrigg

When I was in my late 20s, the life I thought I wanted completely fell apart: I got divorced, then fired, and then dumped by the rebound guy. Even the city I’d been born in and loved passionately had become overwhelming and unbearable. I felt intensely confused, lost, scared, guilty, grief-stricken, and ungrounded. (Can you say four transiting Pluto squares plus a conjunction?!) The only clear direction I felt was to move across the country from New York City to San Francisco, and focus on art, metaphysics, and healing.

After I moved to California and through a number of divinely-inspired coincidences, I enrolled in an intensive two-year clairvoyant training program at a school called Psychic Horizons.

(Hello, Saturn Return in Aquarius in my 12th House!) There I learned to trust my psychic and healing abilities after doing hundreds of readings, and I gained invaluable skills such as meditation, embodiment, grounding, neutrality, maintaining boundaries, seniority, and manifesting. The most important one, though, was learning to stay detached from my monkey-mind and connected to the God of my heart, aka my inner guidance system.
It is with these life-mastery skills that I went on to create a wonderful career as a multidisciplinary artist for 15 years, and then from there to fulfill a very long-term goal, (decided before I left NYC), which was to move to New Mexico and build a rural retreat center for art and healing, which I opened in 2012, Vista Verde Retreat. I’ve since added astrology, hypnosis, and Reconnective Healing® to my repertoire, as well as spiritual life coaching and consulting. Now, using my various metaphysical skills, intuition and training, I help others make powerful and positive transformations in their lives. It’s real magic. It's real love. It’s real.


Through deep surrender and dedication to following your internal guidance system instead of your analyzing mind, you can live fully, powerfully, in body, and in love with living!

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