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Do you wonder what the celestial realms hold for you? Have you been looking for your life’s purpose but still have no clue where to go? Or, maybe you have been seeking clarity about your relationships! Well, whatever questions are floating in your mind, I can help you navigate them effortlessly.

Welcome to my astrology readings! I'm Reverend Elizabeth Brownrigg, and I'm here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery through the celestial realms. Seeking astrology readings near you can offer a profound tool for understanding yourself and your place in the universe.

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Are you ready to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos and gain deeper insights into yourself and your life? Whether you are seeking clarity, guidance, or simply a greater sense of connection to the universe, astrology can offer profound insights and transformative wisdom.

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Understanding Your Birth Chart

Your birth chart captures the celestial configurations at the precise moment of your arrival into the world, akin to a cosmic blueprint unveiling the distinct energies and possibilities inherent within you. With my expertise in astrology, I embark on a profound exploration of the intricate astrological facets of your birth chart, unveiling concealed patterns and influences that intricately mold your existence.

With careful examination and deep understanding, I lead you toward a profound understanding of yourself, highlighting your natural talents, addressing your challenges, and shedding light on the journey of your soul's growth in this lifetime.

Compassion and Insight

My approach to astrology is grounded in compassion and empathy. I believe that astrology is not just about predicting the future but about understanding and accepting ourselves and others with greater compassion and insight.

By delving into the symbolic communication of the celestial bodies, we can cultivate greater empathy, understanding, and acceptance of ourselves and those around us.

Navigating Life's Transits

In addition to exploring your birth chart, I also provide guidance on how to work with current and future transits. Transits denote the continuous motions of celestial bodies in the sky, capable of deeply impacting our daily experiences.

By understanding the astrological influences at play in your life, you can navigate life's challenges with greater wisdom and grace, making the most of opportunities and weathering storms with resilience and strength.

In-Person and Virtual Sessions

If you are seeking astrology readings near you, I offer in-person sessions for clients in Carson, NM, Taos County, and the surrounding areas. Being face-to-face enables us to forge deeper connections and offers a more tailored interaction.

However, if you are seeking an astrology horoscope in Houston, TX, or elsewhere and are unable to visit me in person, don't worry! I also offer virtual sessions via phone or video call, allowing you to experience the transformative power of astrology from the comfort of your own home.